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 We look forward in sharing these exciting artist opportunities with you!

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En Plein Air Masters programs are designed with the guidance of highly respected master artists, to foster artistic discovery, independence and fellowship. The intimate and inspiring setting will allow the participating artists to immerse themselves in their work with like-minded individuals. The capable hands of the seminar's event coordinators have thought of everything to allow the artist to fully capitalize on these intensive weekly seminars. Nothing can be more rewarding than reaching forward in your artistic objectives and returning to your studio fully recharged and imbued with infectious enthusiasm to further your art. 









Are spouses welcome?

Yes, the ultimate setting will surely be appreciated by the spouse. There is plenty to do while the artists paint or it is the perfect opportunity just to relax and enjoy the surroundings. We encourage their attendance.

Free Day

Yes, you too will have one day off during the session to enjoy this ultimate setting for yourself.

How do I keep in contact with the rest of the world?

Our accommodation has Internet access, TV and phones. 

In case of inclement weather

En Plein Air Masters has reserved a Private Conference Room where demonstrations, lectures and critiques will be given.

How is the weather?

Sunshine, cloudy, rain, warm, hot, windy, cold, obviously weather can be unpredictable but this time of the year is usually quite pleasant. Be prepared. Check out the averages for your time period before you come.




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