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For more information Call (Toll-Free): 1(888) 614-2207  

or E-mail us at:  ChateauArts@aol.com  or  Info@EnPleinAirMasters.com


lf you would like to send in a Check / Money Order to confirm your placement on the Greece 2009 session; please fill-out the form below and then click on the submit button and a representative will then call you to confirm your reservation.

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The EasyL sets a new standard for plein-air painting equipment. Beautifully manufactured in wood and brass, EASyL can be completely set up and ready to use in under 2 minutes. Using a professional tripod, the EASyL is sturdy and well suited to rugged environments.

Artwork Essentials is committed to researching and developing fresh ideas and product designs for professional and amateur artists. New products include Backpack, high quality Paint Brushes from Japan, customized Palette Knives and large size combination Utility/Stone Bag.  

Check out their web site at:www.artworkessentials.com frequently for product updates! ARTWORK ESSENTIALS, INC.  5622 Highgate Terrace  Irvine, CA 92603  Tel: 949 8562196  E-mail: artworkessentials@cox.net

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Placements are confirmed upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per person. If the balance due has not been received by the date indicated on your final invoice En Plein Air Masters, Inc. reserves the right to resell the open slot.   

En Plein Air Masters, Inc. reserves the right to alter the seminar itinerary or arrangements as necessary or advisable to best serve the seminar participants. If the scheduled Artist Mentor becomes unable to participate in the seminar, a different Artist Mentor may be substituted or the seminar may be rescheduled. En Plein Air Masters, Inc. their partners and their agents, may exclude any seminar participant from the seminar at any time. 

All amounts are in U.S. Dollars unless otherwise specified. Travel insurance is recommended. Enrollment in the event and payment of the deposit constitute agreement with the aforementioned terms and conditions.