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John Cosby

About painting, Cosby says, "While standing on location, in a place I have never visited, I begin to recognize what is different from all the other places I have been. I try to capture that uniqueness." As a plein-air painter Cosby travels extensively, painting what he sees and feels everywhere he goes. A bold use of color and an energetic brush stroke are what you will see and feel when viewing a painting by Cosby. 

Born in Hollywood, California, in 1955, Cosby was raised in the West. At an early age he began to draw and paint and was lucky enough to have an oil painter as his Grandmother. Cosby says, "She would give me the paint, some brushes and a scrap of canvas and set me off to paint." This early experience "took the fear out of creating a painting." 

Cosby started traveling at a very early age. At age 18, he was chosen as a communications advance-man for President Nixon and began to travel the globe, continuing in this capacity through the Ford administration. He met many interesting people and saw many things, but the things that most interested him were the great works of art he encountered. "They just haunted me and helped me to set the course for my career as a painter". After leaving the White House, Cosby rebuilt an old classic sailing sloop designed by Nathaniel Herrishoff and, with a friend who had dreams of being a writer, set sail, cruising up and down the Eastern seaboard in the inland waterway for 3 years. On that voyage, he began his art career.

"Doing drawings of anything that moved me, things began to sell and my course was set." Upon his return to California, Cosby began painting the sea and landscape of Coastal California and with a strong gallery response, his success as a painter quickly followed. 



Cosby currently resides and maintains a studio in Laguna Beach, California. He works on location around the world and is represented by some of the finest galleries. Cosby is one of the Founding Board Members of the prestigious Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, an Artist member of California Art Club and an Artist member of Oil Painters of America. 



In 1999, Cosby was the Chairman of the Laguna Plein Air Painting Competition, held at the Laguna Art Museum. With his bold contemporary style, Cosby has captured the imagination of some very important collectors. His work can be found in many private, public and corporate collections around the world. Cosby is truly an internationally-known artist. 





   All paintings shown here are done so with the permission of the Artist, John Cosby


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